Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sharepoint2013 vs Sharepoint2010 Features

Hi everybody,it has been so long i have posted due to some unforeseen reasons.Anyway i have come back with a fresh information regarding sharepoint. Sharepoint 2013, the latest version , and the moment it was released there are lot of queries outbursting regarding all the features compared to the former edition ie sharepoint2010.Many users upgrading to the 2013 edition from 2010 had raised many questions in which most of thhem pointed to the feature comparison.So i wolud like to make you aware of some of the features which are enhanced ,upgraded or which made ease in sharepoint 2013 compared to thaose of sharepoint 2010 edition.
  • Making you very clear ,The structures of both the versions are same.So metadata architecture for documents in sharepoint2010 could definitely upgrade to the nwewr version sharepoint2013.
  • There are two utilities which made significant upgrades in document management which boosted the user experience
    1. Sharepoint 2013 included a drop and drag option to upload documents.
    2. It also made able to edit managed metadata in a datasheet view.
  • Lot of improvement has been done in 'search' option.
  • One of the major differences you could notice are in the 'Social Experiences'.The discussion boards feature in sharepoint 2013 is enabeled with Community features.This featues creates an engaging facebook like activity flow which made it feel more user-friendly when ccompared with the same feature present in sharepoint2010.
  • Generally sharepoint 2010 hosted a bit effort and planning for the networks while using the option "who you know" option ,which was made easy by the feature discussion boards employed in sharepoint 2013.

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