Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cannot navigate to the requested page while User Profile Synchronization is running. Please wait for the current Synchronization run to finish

This is the error most of the times we see while configuring the User Profile Synchronization. The only possible reason why this message will come is while running the synchronization service we are trying to either start the synchronization again or try to create a new connection.

There are some cases where the synchronization will take long time. Could be because of many users in your active directory or there is some problem in pulling information. To find the issue please refer this post.


The only thing I like to mention here is, the error comes only when the synchronization service is already running and you try to run or create a new connection. Try to find out the possible failure and configure accordingly.


  1. I'm sorry for inconvenience but the solution is not mentioned. What you have said above is that there is a problem, so where is the solution???!

  2. How do you force stop synchronization?