Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Microsoft Sync Framework in SharePoint 2010

Microsoft Sync Framework is a synchronous platform which enables collaboration and offline for services, devices and applications. Sync Framework is extensible. You can create your own custom providers which enables to connect any data sources to participate in sync framework synchronization process.

When comes to SharePoint, Sync framework allows to sync the data between the different data sources like BCS [Connecting the third database and showing them as SharePoint list data]. It has bidirectional synchronization architecture. It is designed to support cross-application synchronization.

Sync framework provides three core building blocks:

  • Sync Runtime: It drives the synchronization by starting, hosting and canceling the synchronization sessions. It uses a synchronization session object to make sync requests to the sync provider.
  • Sync Metadata Services: Metadata services manages synchronization metadata. Metadata services provides a Metadata Storage Service, an optional metadata storage component for applications that do not have a logical location to store synchronization metadata.
  • Sync Provider: It is the main integration point to the Sync framework. Which actually acts as the interface that gets the interactions with runtime engine as well as data store.

To know more about the sync framework and concepts please read here.

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