Friday, February 11, 2011

Client Object Model in SharePoint 2010

This is newly introduced in SharePoint Foundation / SharePoint Server 2010. Everyone knows the Object Model[OOPS] and the Server Object Model[SPSite, SPWeb, SPList, SPListItem etc.].

The only big problem with earlier version of SharePoint for developers is, if they want to extend SharePoint functionality by writing some custom code then they have to create SharePoint development environment and install Visual Studio and write code there. So, indirectly it means they should have SharePoint installed on their system. Otherwise they can not write or run the code.

With this new approach or model there is no need to install SharePoint to write the code for SharePoint 2010 custom functionality. So, you only need to install Visual Studio on your system and by using Client OM you can develop code and deploy that to SharePoint environment. This model is very powerful and good than SharePoint web services. The Client Object Model provides a way to communicate with SharePoint data from a remote computer and perform operation [We can contact a site, web, list and pull or modify the data etc.]

How this works?

First we have to retrieve the client context object [ClientContext class] and from it you will connect to SharePoint and do whatever from it. You can get site, web, list etc. data and do something with those objects.

More details about Client Object Model, we will cover in later posts.

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