Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mobile device development enhancements in SharePoint 2010

Everyone knows how important is this. Today almost everyone is having mobile phones and browsing everything from it. So, the importance of mobile applications are also increased. So, SharePoint 2010 added more features for mobile application development. With these features you can easily develop and view the SharePoint sites in mobile and easily access any data.

  • Mobile Web Part Adapters: Now, we can create a mobile page which corresponds to serve data, functionality to a non-mobile web parts page. You can adapt any Web Part on a non-mobile page by adding a control to the mobile page that duplicates the Web Part’s functionality. These controls are known as mobile adapters. Some of the major Web Parts that are built into SharePoint Foundation already have adapters. You can create your own adapters and add them to the mobile page. But, to use them on the mobile pages you have to register them as safe control in the compat.browser file. How it works is, when a mobile device accesses a Web Parts page, SharePoint Foundation redirects the device to the corresponding mobile page. For each Web Part on the Web Part page that has an adapter control, the adapter control will be rendered on the mobile page.
  • Mobile Messaging: This is we discussed in Alerts Enhancements
  • New Mobile pages and controls: This version added many new mobile pages and controls which makes the development easy.
  • Mobile document viewers: You can create custom pages that host document viewers that enable mobile users to open, on their mobile device, documents from SharePoint Foundation document libraries even if they have been formatted for a particular desktop application, such as a spreadsheet or word processor application.

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