Friday, February 11, 2011

Alerts Enhancements in SharePoint 2010

Alerts, so far we know only subscribing to alerts and it sends alerts via email. But, with this new version they have added special feature to send alerts via Short Message Service [SMS] to mobile devices. Oh!!! super cool feature. Isn’t it?

In development, we use SPAlert class to work with alerts. For this new option, they have added a new property to the SPAlert class to know whether the alert is delivered via email or SMS.

The Mobile Messaging Framework is extensible. We can create our own custom solution and integrate that into SharePoint. But, while implementing below are the cases you have to consider while writing custom solution to your own messaging framework.

  • If you are using Office Mobile Service[OMS] protocol then Microsoft already written all of the functionality needed for us. Just use them and customize them.
  • If you are using your own protocol then still the base classes from Message framework of SharePoint Foundation 2010 will help us to do that job easily.

This is very cool and good feature in this new release and it is really very useful and we know what is happening as everything is coming directly to mobile. Do you like it?

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