Saturday, February 26, 2011

Configure User Profile Sync in SharePoint 2010

I know there are lot of posts or blogging on this. But, we will cover some good points which are very important to import or pull user profiles from a data source [AD etc.]

Prerequisites to configure User Profile Synchronization:

  • Before we start we should check the user account access to configure the User Profile Service. The user should be a farm administrator and should be in server administrator group where user profile service is deployed.
  • In SharePoint 2010, we have Forefront Identity Manager is integrated. With this we can easily connect and pull information from active directory or other data sources where all user or organization information is available. So, the Forefront Identity Manager services should be running on the server where the Forefront Identity Manager is configured. To check this, login to server –> Start –> Administrative tools –> Services. From the Services window, scroll down till you find Forefront Identity Manager services and start both Forefront services.
  • Now go to Central Administration of the SharePoint 2010 server. Go to Services page by clicking "Manage Services on Server" link. Select your server from the top right corner section. Check that the services "User Profile Service and User Profile Synchronization services" are running.
  • If the services are not running, click on "Start" link. The service "User Profile Service" will run without any issues and takes less time. But the service "User Profile Synchronization Service" will take long time and if it fails then the first thing you should have check is whether the Forefront Identity services are running on the server or not. So, check them and start again.

Configure the User Profile Synchronization Service:

  • So, we all set up to configure the services. Go to Central Administration and click the link "Manage service applications" to go the Services page.
  • From the list of applications select "User profile service application". Now you will be opened with the user profile service application page where you see plenty of options.
  • From Synchronization section, select the link "Configure Synchronization Connections".
  • Here, you do not see any connections available. So, we have to create a new connection to start synchronization.
  • Click on "Create New Connection" link to create a new connection.
  • Give all inputs needed and add the connection.
  • If all went well then you are ready to start the synchronization service by clicking the link "Start Profile Synchronization" under Synchronization.
  • Then you start seeing the status of the service [Synchronizing] at the right side as shown below.
  • To test the process, click on the "Synchronizing" link it will opens a new window with the logs. You should see everything is running successful. Otherwise there is some problem with configuration.
  • To see all imported users, click on the link "Manage User Profiles" under People link and you start seeing the users.

Errors may come in Configuring Synchronization process:

  • If the connections are available and running and you try to add a new connection or start synchronization then you see the error message "Cannot navigate to the requested page while User Profile Synchronization is running. Please wait for the current Synchronization run to finish." If you get this, then refer to this solution.
  • If there is a failure recorded in logs [click "Synchronizing" link from status above image]  then we have to start research of the cause of the failure. For this, we have to follow this solution.
  • If you are getting any error related "Detection of product '{90140000-104C-0000-1000-0000000FF1CE}', feature 'PeopleILM' failed during request for component '{1681AE41-ADA8-4B70-BC11-98A5A4EDD046}'"  then take a look at here.

I hope this post helps you to configure and troubleshoot the configuration of Synchronization of User Profile. Feel free to let me know the problems or issues if you are facing any.

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  1. Hi,
    I configured user profile sync but after execute sync job I get 0 profile. Do you know why this behavior?
    Thank you
    Andres Herrera