Friday, February 11, 2011

What’s new in SharePoint Foundation 2010

Everyone knows that SharePoint Foundation 2010 is extension to the Windows SharePoint Services 3.0[WSS 3.0]. So, they have improved it in many ways and makes our life easy. Smile

Below are the main features they have improved in this version of SharePoint Foundation 2010 and SharePoint Server 2010.

Note: All features supported in SharePoint Foundation 2010 also supported in SharePoint Server 2010.

  1. Alerts Enhancements
  2. Business Connectivity Services
  3. Client Object Model
  4. Custom Field Rendering Enhancements
  5. Events Enhancements
  6. Health Analyzer
  7. List Enhancements
  8. Microsoft Sync Framework
  9. Mobile Device Development Enhancements
  10. Performance Monitoring and Request Throttling
  11. Query Enhancements
  12. Ribbon
  13. Sandboxed Solutions
  14. Security Enhancements
  15. Service Application Framework
  16. Silverlight Integration and Cross-Domain Data Access
  17. UI Enhancements
  18. ULS Logging
  19. Windows PowerShell for SharePoint
  20. Workflow Enhancements

WOW. So many features and all of them are for free of cost if we have Windows Server 2008. Start using SharePoint 2010 guys.

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